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Thread: 18 Needs New Engine & Drive - Any Ideas?

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    18 Needs New Engine & Drive - Any Ideas?

    We already knew the outdrive had to change before it becomes hard to find parts for it. Also since it's original, their is no trimming up the drive which we would like to have. Any ideas for what kind of outdrive to replace it with? We were thinking of a Volvo Penta Duo-Prop system because it might be easier to make the switch from what we currently have. Or should we go the Mercury route?

    Keep in mind that we are skiers so we do want to get out of the whole fast but at the same time want to have that top end for when we want to go fast.


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    Check prop pricing before you make any decision . Volvo d/p props can cost more then some boats.
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    Are you interested in a total resto ? If not then there is a 280 t for sale in the parts section bolt the drive up and get the rest of the season out of it then add the trim pump later. Or pull the motor glass in the transom and cut a new hole for a new Volvo or merc
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    The Volvo Duo-Prop is a very nice set up, and the counter-rotating props provide for a very stable ride. They are also very expensive. I don't know if any of the current outdrives will be able to use the existing transom cut out. It is most likely that you will need to redo the transom and cut a fresh hole for whatever drive you choose.

    If money was not an issue, I believe I would go Volvo Duo-Prop.
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    Just my .02c , but Bill is right about the transom cutout part. One thing is certain though . If you now have vintage Volvo stuff and do a 'modern' re-power then you'll have to have the old transom cut out filled and re-done.
    All of the new stuff , Volvo included , now utilizes the Merc pattern hole.

    Also , I did a complete re-power on mine in 2007 from old Ford Merc Alpha to GM Volvo DPS-a . I tried the single prop SX-a first but the boat was virtually undriveable .
    The DPS-a switch over was unbelievable . And if you want serious punch at all speeds you're gonna get it in spades. I think that in a package format the DP units are only a couple of hundred more than the single prop unit package.
    Expect to pay about $1400 for a propset though .
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    Quote Originally Posted by speed demon View Post
    We were thinking of a Volvo Penta Duo-Prop system because it might be easier to make the switch from what we currently have.
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    If it was mine I'd go with the 280 as suggested by Mattyboy Bolt on and go is always the better option in my book. What engine is in it now? What's wrong with the motor in it now that it needs a new one?
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