I pulled the mufflers out in prep for the CT River run. Gotta Love the sound of a BBC!
There will be boats a lot louder than I at that event and Labor day has gone by so I'm not expecting the DEP to be testing my boat's noise level...

Anyway, the conditions were perfect last night for a couple of wide open passes.

Temp- 58deg F
Seas- calm to 1ft chop
Tide- just about dead low
Load- 2 adults and 3/4 fuel
71.8mph GPS running north at 4900rpm
72.6mph GPS running south at 4950rpm

The mufflers don't seem to rob much power. I will say that with them installed, you don't have to raise your voice to have a conversation.

My Boat: 1996 22' Donzi Classic, Stock 502 with 750Edelbrock and Gils, stock Bravo drive, and 25p Merc Rev 4 prop...