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Thread: CRA presents Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit

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    CRA presents Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit

    Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit and the OFF event in Tavares Nov 8,9 and 10 this year. A great event on beautiful Lake Dora.
    Bring your boat for an exciting week end of hydro and all other race boats. Meet the old timers (no offense) and the young racers too because the OFF event that has been in WPB in the past will be held at the same time. If the past is any indication of what fun this is going to be then it should be something not to miss.
    If you have attended the OFF events in the past then leave a comment so everyone can see what a blast it was. I will get a link to the OFF event official web site here soon.
    Thanks and cant wait to see you there in a few weeks.
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    I will be there with my 16ob on Friday night and Saturday...
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    And if anyone cares to come by my shop in Leesburg and see the Testa Rossa, you are welcome.
    It's practically complete w/ a large number of small details to complete.
    The address is 304 Richey Rd., Suite 3, Leesburg, FL 34748.
    My office number is 352-365-2337.
    And I'm located about ten miles from Wooten Park.
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