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Thread: Donzi 28 race hull (not mine)

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    Donzi 28 race hull (not mine)

    Some of you guys might geek out on this hard! Lol. This looks to me like the hull you see Aronow racing in that iconic photo of it jumping a wave? Don't know how rare these are...

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    I am wondering if it is the one that was up by me, the marina was sold and its assets sold off. Be that as it may it is a great hull, I have two friends that have them they are great in the rough stuff. It like all boats at this level very costly to bring back. The one by me was suppose to swapped to I/O with late Volvo diesels, ended up as a pipe dream due to the owner health.

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    You can always stop by the Keyport Fishery when you go look at it.
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