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Thread: RIP Neil Armstrong 1930-1912

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    RIP Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

    Very Sad news~
    I just heard Neil Armstrong just passed-away from complications due to heart bypass surgery earlier this week.

    I remember watching, & listening, as he and Buzz Aldrin in Apollo 11 landed & later took the very first steps on the moon in July 1969.
    This in my opinion was America's brightest moment in my liftime.
    I still remember exactly where I was when Apollo 11 first landed; & Neil + Buss later took the very first steps on the moon.
    I was watching live coverage on an old vacuum tube 19" portable Admiral B&W TV from our vacation home in Ocean City NJ. with my entire extended family.
    Dad had invited everyone to visit the shore for an Apollo 11 landing party.
    All are sadly long gone now~~~
    I am the only family survivor now.

    I actually met & shook Buzz Aldrin's hand in the mid 1970s at Drexel University where I got my BS in Mechancal Engineering.
    He was there to accept an award from Drexel.

    Neil Armstrong 1930-2012
    The Eagle has landed ! ...

    Neil was an Eagle Scout ~~~
    ( So was I ).
    He was also a top test pilot & set many speed & altitude records in the famous experimental X-15 that was dropped from a B-52 bomber..

    Where were YOU when Apolo 11 first landed on the moon; & Neil & Buzz later took he very first steps on he moon in July 1969 ?
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    Sad to hear. Where was I? I was born in 69. I always associated it wit 3 things: Mets won the world series, Jets won the Super Bowl, and yep, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.
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