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Thread: Another Classic 18 is being Restored

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    Another Classic 18 is being Restored

    Let me start by saying if not for the Donzi Registry I never would have purchased this boat. The threads, the info, the pictures contained here are the reason I am confident I can pull this off myself. So thank you for all of the posts and all the incredible info people have spent the time to input. Truly awesome. I have been in touch with folks from this site and they have been very generous with their time. You guys rock.

    I first saw a Donzi 18 in 1987 at Cadlewood Lake in CT around 4 in the afternoon. That's the kind of impression it made. I though the lines were awesome on it and I said to myself that someday I just had to have one of those. Fast forward to 2011 and a buddy of mine said he always wanted a Classic 18 and I said I would help him find one. Well I found one on this site, went to look at it in Fl and called my buddy to give him the good and the bad news. The good news, it seemed like a good deal. The bad news, it was already sold -- to me... Turns out his wife was going to kill him if he bought another toy. As was mine when she found out I bought this boat...

    The hull and deck were basically done when I bought it and all external hardware was chromed. It came with a 400 sbc bored out to a 406 and roughly 350+ hp, marinized with the right cam, head work etc.. and a volvo 280. I have had it painted, fixed up the trailer and started gathering parts.
    I decided to switch the Volvo 280 out for an Alpha SS (that I found on this site) because I wanted to be able to trim underway and for less drag underway. Thankfully there are threads here that go into detail on how to re-glass a transom and my buddy (yes we are still friends) has also done this before so we should be good there. I'm thinking I will be over 70 mph so based on the info I have read in these threads I've decided to go with full external hydraulic steering (I have no steering at present) with a single ram to save some money. I'm thinking it will be power steering because some folks have said it's a bit tough turning without power steering. Some questions I still have:
    I read that with this type of steering the wheel doesn't return to the same center each time - so you have to buy an asymetric wheel - true? - How do I figure out how high/low to mount the outdrive? Do I measure the prop shaft distance below the hull? And where can I get a pattern to use to make the cut-out?

    Here are some pictures from where it came and where it is now. Thanks again to all of you - what a wealth of knowledge there is on this site!

    Well I paid my $25 but it looks like it has not taken yet - so I can't post pictures. Will do so once I have permission. Cheers, Tom

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    Pictures and Parts needed

    Looks like I can post pictures...

    Oh, and if anyone has the following please let me know.
    - Crank driven water pump
    - Steering components - internal components and external ram
    - Power steering pump with bracket
    - Oil Cooler
    - Trim pump motor for an Alpha trim pump

    Pictures from before and where it is now..


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    What color was the Donzi on Candlewood Lake?....that's where mine came from....was there all its life.
    1974 Magnum 27 Sport
    1970 Donzi 18 2+3

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