Excuse the language haha (err, consider yourself warned!) we were enthusiastic.

It's kinda a lame video but it's exciting to me since it was her first splash since I bought the boat a few months ago and it was a dream come true. I slept in the boat that night as well (a first for me) and it was everything I had dreamed it would be!

NOTE: 500hp and a 21p 3 blade prop are NOT IDEAL - it's the prop that came on the boat when I bought her. One problem at a time, but I'm sourcing a 15.25" 4 blade 24p currently.

Speeds were around 52mph at 4800rpm, with hardly any load on the engine - anything past that and the prop was just worthless, would rev up with no gain in speed. The engine doesn't have much time on it yet so I didn't want to push the revs past that (ideally I'm keeping it in the 4s for the first 10 hours).

Small leak @ transducer thru-hull fitting, speedo tube popped off and SOAKED my freaking amp and head unit and the trim indicator isn't working.

all-in-all it was just great to be on the water again finally.

PS: guy driving is the one who I bought the engine from and the one who did the install