Concidering all the problems I've had trying to find parts for the KC outdrive - Da one link for connecting shift cable - Sooo totally OBSOLETE and I had to make it.....

I'm thinking of a change to a current outdrive - THAT I CAN FIND PARTS FOR !!!!

Been researching - Mercury Outdrives... Alpha - in my opinion - since I'm running over 400 HP is out..

Bravo 2 - seems to fit the NEED - cannot justify the Bravo III, expense, as impressive as it "looks" - the expense and bottom line performance has issues.

Question is - Gear ratios and then following changes "what prop" for my 22C? The new 502 BBC is estimated over 400hp - not justifying a dyno run - just want to get her in the water again!!! Sure..... I can use what I have - Yet - Yearning for best performance - it may have to be changed too..

I have found ratios for the OMC KC - What it means??

GMC 554 or 502 King Cobra after 1988 21:17 17:20 "

Question is ..... HOW to relate this info to Bravo's..... It's all GREEK to me.... trying to decide on Bravo 1 or 2??? Seams like .... Bravo 1 would be correct for the HP and boat??

Didn't like the corrison complaints about Merc outdrives - Yet... What can you do..

Also read the swap - is almost "pattern\alignment - painless - other than I would have to pull my engine AGAIN

Sure am glad.... I built a "back yard" hoist.

... isn't this the definative defination of a "back yard" mechanic !!!

Totally High School stuff - I love it....