This is a FANTASTIC bike! It is a great combination of good looks (check out the pictures below!), a comfortable cruiser ride, and enough power to get the adrenaline going.

Honda quality and durability speak for themselves. The Honda Magna engine is an example of Honda quality. The engine is a water cooled, V4 that makes 88 hp, and is virtually bulletproof.

• Current mileage is 56,000 and growing, because I drive it almost daily.

• The bike has a Corbin Streetfighter seat with the red flames on the back, which looks awesome with the red/black paint scheme of this bike. The seat is very comfortable. I have ridden 685 miles in 1 day, and 1,650 miles in 3 days on it without discomfort!

• I installed different handlebars that are 1" taller, and have 2" more drawback than the original bars. I found them to be much more comfortable than the original bars.

• There are Saddlemen saddle bags which are custom made for the Honda Magna, and bolt onto the bike. They are not the "drape over the fender" style.

• It has a 17" x 17" windshield. The size is a good compromise between protection from the wind and keeping the clean look.

• I recently added some highway pegs to provide a different leg position, more out of curiosity than need.

• Specifics:

- The bike has no known mechanical issues. Everything works as it should.

- The front tire was replaced at the beginning of this season.

- The rear tire was replaced at the beginning of last season, and has about 40% tread left, which would be about 4,000 miles remaining for my driving style.

- No dents in the gas tank. I had to include this. I'm tired of ads for "perfect" bikes that then go on to say the tank is dented, but you can hardly see it. Right.

I replaced the chain and both sprockets when I bought the bike. I installed an 18-tooth front sprocket (stock is 16) because I knew I would be doing mostly highway driving, and wanted to lower the rpms a little. I oil/wax the chain about every 500 miles, so it is in good shape.

• This generation of Magna is usually priced between $2,900 and $3,900 depending on condition and equipment. I am asking $2,400/OBO as a concession to the mileage, but recognizing the value of the Corbin Streetfighter seat and Saddlemen bags.

If you are interested, you may reply by sending me a pm, or text my cell six-one-six-8 nine 3-8012.

$2,400/OBO. My name is Bill.