So, here's an update on "Grandma's old 289 with junkyard parts",,, eh, not so bad.... I'm sure some people can do over 60 but it's plenty fast for me,,, For now.

Here is some data....

GPS verified 59-62mph with one 220lb driver.

Approximately 5200 RPM. (No recording digital tach on board. Datalogger and EFI in the works...)

GPS verified 53-56mph with 2 220lb passengers.

91 octane REAL gasoline.

I am currently running a 6 gallon marine outboard tank with a 2.5 gallon reserve and it sucks down the whole 6 gallons in less than 15 minutes at WOT. I may need to take out a loan for fuel.

Steering is VERY responsive and is like driving a sports car. I definitely could use hydraulic steering, after 45mph or so, it likes to change the drive angle and requires some arm to keep it there.

Throttle is crazy responsive. The 600CFM double pumper square bore was the way to go for this cam and manifold. No additional tuning required. I wish I could plug one of my WBO2's into it and get a mixture reading but the plugs are reading a perfect mixture, slightly richer than stoich.

No knock with 36 deg @ 170F running temp.

It's A BLAST!!!

Here are some photos of the boat with my dad behind the wheel...