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Thread: Help-Info '65 Donzi 16' Sport Ski Runabout

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    Question Help-Info '65 Donzi 16' Sport Ski Runabout

    Hello! My Grandfather was the original owner of a 1965 Donzi.

    Make of watercraft: Donzi Marine
    Model: Ski Sport
    Length: 16'
    Color: Yellow
    Type: Runabout
    Model Year: 1965
    Hull: Fiberglass

    Not original engine (think it is now Chevy smallblock), original yellow paint, original surround seats (but not in good condition), driver's seat good condition, V Drive, Gma says original outdrive (Eaton?)-not sure what that means.. This boat was my childhood. I learned how to swim (pushed off the bow in Lake Michigan), ski (old wooden ski- think i was 7). It's on a tandem "Rocket" trailer now... It has been well used, though it shows. Pretty much good for the hull. My grandmother is now making the tough decision to look at selling it. I offered to help (computer illiterate-luv you grandma!) but I have spent days researching this boat. I have found everything about Donzi except anything that pertains to this boat. Donzi lover's out there- help! Anything you have will be appreciated. I know nothing about this boat.

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    sounds like you have an original 16. the boat will either have a v drive( inboard with a rudder on the back) or an outdrive hanging off the back. a 65 would most likely be an eaton outdrive with a ford interceptor motor.
    do a search on member bobincovington he has an early 16 with an eaton drive his pictures should help you ID what you have. also if you have any pictures please post them up that will help as well. general condition will decide what value the boat has, but there are certain issues with boats this age that are issues no matter what condition rough or mint. namely the fuel system and tank. If it is the original steel tank it needs to be replaced. hope that helps if you have any questions just ask.
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    Sounds like you have a great little boat. You should be able to learn a lot about it on here with everyone's advice and experience. I have the original Eaton drive on my 16...although it has had a few shafts replaced with stronger material and now has an inboard prop.
    There are a couple of videos in the bottom of this post that may help. One shows my eaton (and the rotating procedure required to trailer the boat.)

    good luck

    Covington, Washington
    1966 Donzi 16' Hull #16-226

    here are some short videos...

    a little video clip of our boat idling over to the boat launch so you can hear it.

    Eaton outdrive rotating 101

    thread on our boat

    Video of the boat on the trailer

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