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Thread: Mirage Plus Question

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    Mirage Plus Question

    Getting ready to start my second season running a classic 18 on the West end of Lake Erie. 5.7 l Vortec (Moterz) attached to Alpha Drive. Ran a 23 P Solas prop up to 61.5 mph gps. Purchased an older Sold hub Mirage Plus (no venting holes). Installed the prop with the mercury thrust washer and had 1/8" of spline left for locking washer.
    Tried to install prop with out thrust washer and it seams to go in to far.
    The front of the prop has an offset of apox 1/4" and it looks like some kind of washer is required.
    Prop spins better with the thrust washer.

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    Do yourself and the outdrive a favor, get rid of that prop w/ a solid hub. Alpha's need help when shifting, hence a rubber hub to take up the shock.

    There are props w/ removable flo-torque hubs that would be good. My 18 liked the Turbo1 prop.

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    what tm said! but if you insist on trying that prop youwill need this locking ring along with the lower prop washer installed..

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    Another vote for dumping the solid hub, it will cost you a clutch dog set in short order nasty prop on any Alpha!
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