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Thread: Snow In Houston

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    Snow In Houston

    This is sure to please...from one of the local conservative talk radio dj's.

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    I can't help but remember in '70, or so, maybe the last time Houston had THREE (3) snow storms in a row. The first or second turned into ice big time!
    I was working at NASA and I went out for lunch. About half way to Seabrook, NASA Rd 1 turned slightly to the right, but my poor old MGB kept going straight ahead. I think I looked just like one of those funny, sick-in-your-stomach videos on YouTube. The car kept going until I bounced off the far side curb and back into the traffic.
    I'm still here so I guess I made it OK.
    Almost nothing so bad as driving through stuff like that when NO ONE knows what they're doing!
    George Carter
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    In far north Texas, we got 5" of snow today on what was already ice packed roads from Monday night/Tuesday. Actually, it was a little easier to drive with the snow. Bill

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