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Thread: Alternator for 16' with H-M Ford 302 or 351

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    Alternator for 16' with H-M Ford 302 or 351

    Anybody have a good recommendation for what's a good alternator to get for a 1969 16' with the Holman Moody 351? Assume the 302 would be the same. I think I need a new alternator and seems like the last time I got one, I had to take it back because it didn't fit (i.e. had to cut part of the housing off where the bolt goes through that it pivots on). A new direct replacement would be nice.

    Appreciate any help.

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    Check with a parts store near you. When I redid the motor in my Scarab I took my alternator to a parts store called Acorn in Fox Lake Il. I got it in before nine and picked up the same one completely rebuilt before they closed the same day. Just make sure that whoever you choose is up to speed on all the marine safty issues with the alt. Auto and marine IS different. Hope this helps.
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    A one wire unit can't be beat, simplicity at its best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOP View Post
    A one wire unit can't be beat, simplicity at its best.
    Yep...definitely the way to go.

    Just make sure that it is a MARINE alternator. A guy I know...ahem...wrestled with a car part for quite some time before realizing a marine alternator was needed. Plus, you should get a new screen for the back.
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