The weather was pretty nice on Sunday, so many Donzi's were out.

We had a Classic 16 (205 hp V6), a 1987 Minx LE, a Classic 22 (Brad's), a Classic 22 AE (Jeff's), and Trueser's monster 28ZX Scorpion.

Lots of photos and videos of the day. The videos were shot using a couple of those remarkable GoPro cameras.

Greg (the owner of the 16) was kind enough to offer me a ride in his boat. On the way back into White Lake, he expressed an interest in getting a ride in Trueser's boat. Mike was happy to oblige, which meant I got to run his boat the 5 miles down White Lake, while he was being introduced to a whole new level of high performance boating.

This video is one that Brad shot while running his 22 down the lake beside me wearing the camera on his head. I'm amazed at how much time he was able to look over at the 16, considering he was also driving his boat.

This 16 really impressed me with how well it ran with the 4.3 V6! It has a 55 mph speedo, which was pegged.

Thank you Brad for taking the video. Thank you Mike for giving Greg a ride. And most of all, thank you Greg for trusting me with your boat. At least you got to see what it looks like running down the lake!