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Thread: Tank-corrected Fuel Sender for Classics

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    Electronic Programmed Fuel Sending Unit

    As some of you know, I have been working on the programming for an electronic sending unit. The intent of the project has been to come up with one design that can be utilized in several different tank styles that have been used in certain Donzis throughout the years. In other words, these will correct for the odd-shape of the Classic’s tanks. You will get a more accurate reading throughout the range of your fuel gauge.
    Well, I have just finished working with the manufacturer on the programming aspects and am in the process of placing and order. Some pertinent info on the sender is listed below.

    Information and Highlights

    • Continuous readout
    • No field trimming
    • No moving parts
    • 2 Terminal, no battery lead needed to the sender
    • 12 volt
    • Compatible with most 240E/33F ohm gauges See below for list
    • 5 hole SAE pattern
    • Gasoline only
    • Water Indication, meter will peg to above full when water hits the probe
    • Rugged and Reliable
    • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Compatible gauge manufacturers
    Datcon, Livorsi, Gaffrig (newer than 1996), OMC, Stewart Warner, Teleflex, US Gauge, Autometer (3316/3516)

    VDOs are questionable. I will have to check with manufacturer. Some of VDO gauges are wired backwards from standard meters. I checked with manu last night and the 1996, 1997 VDOs should be compatible. Don't know what other years they were used. Check with me in advance and we can perform a compatibility check to verify compliance.

    Incompatible manufacturers
    Westach, Gaffrig (pre-1996), Tempo, some VDOs, Rochester, Wema, Yamaha

    Compatibility check
    Remove the leads from the back of your existing gauge. Ignore the wiring for the light.
    Take an ohm reading from S to the Gnd terminal. Should be 300-500 ohms.
    Take a second reading from S to + terminal. Maybe in the 50-200 ohm range.
    Get me those readings and we can check the compatibility of your gauge.

    Most-Compatible Tanks
    These are not all, but the best of the tanks I have check so far. I will check any other tank if you have the dimensions or drawings. These are mostly a classic style tank with tapered sides and a varying bottom width and 9.5-11 inch depth.

    Older 22, 88-93, Alum, 55g, Accuracy > 99%
    Newer 22, 93-98, Alum, 55g, Accuracy > 99%
    Newest 22, 99-??, Plastic, 52 g, Accuracy > 99%
    18C and 20C, Years??, Alum, 41g, Accuracy > 99%
    Hornet, Alum, 60g, Accuracy > 96%

    Accuracy is in relation to the design curve.

    Incompatible tanks
    16 and 18, 25 gallon tanks from the 70’s.

    Like I said, get me some boat information, a drawing, or dimensions, and I will check to see if you tank will work. I have a limited amount of information on all the tanks throughout the years.

    Comparison curves for your tank will be supplied upon request, if I have it.

    I got the price down as best that I could with the amount that I ordered. These came in at $75.00 each, and shipping. My guess is that shipping will be about $10 for the lower 48. So, let’s call it $85.00 shipped, and be done with it. I am not in this to make money so, if this goes well, I will try to get a lower price on future orders, no promises. \

    I now have some options for your convenience.
    (5) #10-32 x 1.25" Machine screws and washers for $2.00 None are included with the sender.

    This original will be available in 2-3 weeks from now. Not sure of the date yet.
    I will ship as soon as they become available to me.

    I will take a check or money order.
    Mail to:
    Robert Wilson
    1203 Pinar Dr.
    Orlando, FL 32825

    Or Paypal. If doing Paypal, use the Personal/Other tab to send a payment to Funds from bank account or Paypal balance only. No credit cards, I am not paying the fees.

    Any questions, call me at 321-436-5704 or email on the link under my name.

    Thanks, Bob (Tidbart)
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