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Thread: New Video: 1986 z33 dozi vs 2008 fountain 525 efi

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99fever27 View Post
    Am I the only one confused? where is the race? where is the fountain? Where is the winner? Maybe I missed something..
    lol, that's what I meant by "where is the Fountain"!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carl C View Post
    lol, that's what I meant by "where is the Fountain"!
    well he finally got me when we went around the bend the donzi needs hydraulic steering and didnt handle to good in turns at high speeds and he knew that so he put it to it in the turn and pulled away from me but in another video i just let it rip and i had the inside lane and pulled away from him so he hung his head in shame 250k like new 42 fountain 525,s and my z33 600 still not broke in i d say i am happy and when we where at aoth on big water he never tried to pass me :} it was always close whit the two boats but he doesn't like this old donzi to pull him
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