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Hey I'm from Texas and as a Moderator I can Confirm that everything is bigger here....even our egos.

Actually Cuda, if you want 5lbs of sardines, you get 1/2 a fillet

Nice catch Bill, never been striper fishing myself....tend to just play in Plain water, maybe I need to get up your way and give it a try.

I mean if Mr. X has done it....I should too
I know it can't compare to saltwater fishing, but there are tons of guys who come here to fish for them. There are more registered guides here at Lake Texoma than all the rest of Texas combined. Our lake has just enough salt that comes in from the Red River going over some salt domes on its way here that the eggs can develop and the striped bass propogate unlike most every other fresh water lake in the US where they have to be introduced constantly. Give it a try sometime - I'll take you out. Bill