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Thread: 1985 minx prop?

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    Question 1985 minx prop?

    Took the minx out for a real test run today. What a ride!!!! I would like your help picking a prop. My employee backed my van in the where house and hit the trailer and the boat hit another van "bent prop". I have reaserched all threads on the site. Many people like the turbo and the hydro. What would you do. Stock motor, alpha drive, 650 holley. Anyone have hands on exp. with a stock minx?
    Thanks Tim

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    Tim, I had an '87 Minx with a 350 Mag, all stock, Alpha.

    I ran the the stock prop and it was wonderful. A cleaver. I think it was a
    21 pitch, can't remember. Boat had no ill handling. George Carter would disagree. but I had zero issues with the prop.

    I also tried a S/S lower, no difference except the weeds around my boathouse were all gone.


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    The cleaver I had a problem w/was a labbed 25" prop.
    It was a handful at times. Almost dumped us in the water one more than one occasion.
    The prop I liked the most was a 22" Hydromotive Q4.
    Gave good top end results. Extremely stable.
    Absolutely blow out proof.
    I bought it on eBay for $250.00.
    George Carter
    Central Florida

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    I had a 330 horse 350 in my Minx. I like the 23 cleaver best.

    Can you get your prop fixed? You'd be surprised what can be done.

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    If you have a basically stock 350 270HP the 21 is what you want, some like the cleavers but a few of us have had bad experiences with them. For all around usage it is hard to beat teh stock round eared Merc props, if you want the best top end then some testing is in order as all boats even with the same power react differently. Chachis boat was stock the other two were modified and have no bearing for comparison to a stock setup.

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    Tried several props on my 86 minx. Cleaver was the best.

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