A few weeks ago, I took the wife out for some early fall season Tarpon and Snook.

I have been doing some work lately for a local guide, and got him to take us out. We were on the Tarpon pretty early with several hooks. Landed one in the 50lb area, and the wife landed one in the 40lb area (light tackle). After the wife hooked a monster that wrapped itself around the reef and was lost, we ventured back into the river for some Snook. I landed a couple that were just not quite legal (28" length to be legal here)

All in all it was a great day - my wifes first REAL fishing trip, and hopefully just the bite I needed to get "hooked" again

Our guide was Captain Mike Holliday - (www.captainmikeholliday.com) and was a great guy, we had a blast. Check his blog out if you get a chance, and if you are ever in the area, and have some time to spare, I bet he'll put a smile on your face