My 91 year old Dad caught a 24 inch flounder In Ocean City's Great Egg Harbor Bay two days ago !
Problem is the legal flounder season ended days before Labor Day !
There is an 18 inch minimum catch size during the season.
We kept maybe 1 in 20 flounder caught this season!
Real heartbreaker when you catch a 17 or 17 1/2 incher and have to throw it back !
I have not seen a 24 incher caught on any of our boats in at least 25 years !
Oh: we DO have PHOTOS of his 24 inch monster?
I wonder how old this flounder was to have gotten to 24 inches in size?
Sadly I pulled the boat for winter lay-up today !
Our boating & Fishing season is sadly over !
Now it's time to winterize the 24 ' American Skier Eagle
Start restoration on the Donzi 18 C " Benchseat Gentleman's Racer" project !