Hand built by moi Winter 2007 from a Lyman kit. 50 Caliber, percussion. Walnut stock was stained and has 12 hand rubbed coats of tung oil on top. All of the steel and furniture has been browned with Laurel Mountain Forge solution and I rubbed it back with 000 steel wool to a patina look.

The trigger group has been tuned so that it doesn't take a gorilla to pull the log over a bunch of gravel when triggers are not set. Has a VERY light trigger when set, only a few ounces and zero creep.

I've put 30 or 40 rounds through her and she's accurate enough to print under 2 inches thus far @ 100 off of sandbags without doing much load development. I've only shot PBR's from it in front of 777 or pydrodex RS. Barrel is 32" and is a 1:66 twist so it is suitable only for PRB (Patched Round Balls).

Have finished my Flint Long Rifle and thus I don't need this to sit around and take up space and not get used like I intended it to be.

I have personalized this rifle by engraving builders name and location of build in the top flat of the barrel. All of the other writing has been draw filed to leave a clean slate.

$400 + shipping... Or I can deliver it within say 30 miles of 49252...