Here is a picture of the Fino molds.

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That same afternoon I visited the Northwest Yachts yard and had the chance to meet Stephen Yadvish and have a look at the newest Fino in the world, his 2006.

This boat was beautiful. He stressed that a TON of man-hours had been spent on this project, trying to get these boats just right. Obviously there's a lot more technology in these new Finos- vinylester, imron, hydraulic steering, ultra leather interior, carbon fibre dash, livorsi controls... the list goes on and on.

He also pointed out several of the tweaks he had made between his 2000 and the 2006. These included reworked drives (not Walters) that allowed him to both reduce the drive shaft angle, resulting in approximately 8 mph increase in top speed, as well as having the added benefit of freeing up a lot of space in the forward portion of engine compartment. He wants to do another Fino and has played with the idea of enlarging the passenger area (which he could do, because of course it was the vee drives under the aft bench that restricted the size of the original). The 2006 is running 502s.

There were also some modifications to the hull at the stern, which you can see in the pictures below. Note for example the recessed trim tabs.

He also pointed out that the seatback drop-down trays reappeared in his 2006- he had deleted them in the 2000 as a cost-saving measure (due to the complexity of fabricating them).

There has been some discussion on these boards about the fate of the original Fino molds. Yadvish confirmed that he did obtain them, but that they were in such poor shape that he was unable to use them. In the end, he got hold of an old Fino hull and created the molds for his boats from that. Incidentally that hull was destroyed in that process, so we know for certain there is one less original Fino around.