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Thread: optonline phishing scam

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    optonline phishing scam

    everyone using optimum online watch out for this, never give out your password or user name to anyone make a phone call to confirm

    it looks real official but it was addressed to undisclosed parties

    Dear Subscriber,

    This is to formally notify you that is presently upgrading
    Optonline DATABASE and this can close your webmail account with Optimum
    To avoid this, please send your Username and Password to Optonline customer
    care email address: for Confirmation. Please do this so that your Optimum
    account can be upgraded and protected from being close.

    Please verify with the following details:

    Account Number:

    Your immediate response is highly needed.

    We appreciate your time and assistance!


    Optimum Account Dept

    ************************************************** **********
    This is an Administrative Message from Optimum. It is
    not spam. From time to time, Optimum will send you such
    messages in order to communicate important information about
    your subscription.
    ************************************************** **********

    This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.
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    A good friend just had his checking account hacked. Someone cloned his check card and made $7,500 in purchases before the bank called him. He hopes to get the dough back. The card was used at Penney's and Bath, Bed & Beyond. They will be looking for video of the perp hopefully. You really have to be careful anymore.
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    Like I tell my Dad,

    NEVER give out username, passwords or account numbers when someone calls you or emails you. Even if you know them. It could be a spoof.

    I've been getting calls about a recent hosiptal stay I had saying there is an outstanding balance on my account and they will foreward me to an automatic payment system. NO WAY!!! Send me a bill.

    Always initiate the payments through a trusted site.

    Da Taz<---Watch out more and more scammers are hurting for money.
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