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Thread: FYI No problem with selling firearms.

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    FYI No problem with selling firearms.

    There are NO problem selling firearms in this forum. I spoke with Bureau ATF inspector Ralph Jones in the Houston ATF field office. After questioning him, he stated the following about selling firearms on the web:

    • If you sell to someone out of your state, you and the buyer need to arrange shipment to a licensed dealer in the destination state to transfer ownership. The FFL dealer in the destination state will know the laws and help you avoid hassles.
    • If you are selling to a person in your own state, you should probably do the same ( I can't tell you what the law is in some those whacked out eastern states.) He did say that in Texas it is not necessary as long as you are an individual selling a personal firearm to another individual. God Bless Texas.

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    I reckon I must have made some waves with my discussion in the firearm for sale thread. I hope that everyone realizes that I never said selling privately, via the internet or forum, was illegal. What I was warning about was the illegal sale across state lines because the FFL was circumvented.

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