Asking $17.5 k. Don't really want to see her go, but I think a pickup may be a good thing for me right now and I see some deals I think would make sense, but I'd have to move fast. Else I may just keep her.

Anyhow, here's a description. I will happily grab some pictures if anyone is seriously interested. I did some digging and I think $17.5k is a fair price, especially with the extra set of Porsche wheels with snows.

Black, black standard leather interior, black top. Always garaged.

65,000 and a few miles. Just had 60k maintainence about 2k ago. Will need pads and rotors pretty soon which ain't cheap, but you should be good for quite a ways after that.

Goodyear 18 inch F1 GS-D3 High Perf tires. I think they have about 20k-25k miles on them, depending on what's on the snows. Between the snows and the summer tires, it should be about 30k miles total.

options: Power driver's seat, Porsche Stability Mgmt system, 18 inch Carrera 5-spoke wheels (the ones that really look right, very few Boxsters have them, they were a 3k option), heated seats, CD shelf center console, digital hi-fi sound (whatever that amounts to--it has a single CD player and AM/FM), and whoopee--floor mats. Original MSRP was $48,900 with the options. I believe the history to be perfectly clean. I bought the car in '04 with only 4500 miles and CarFAX said it was fine. Only two repairs since I bought it--replaced a water pump bearing and a power window motor.

If you're looking at Boxsters, it's worth noting that 2003 is the first year they ditched the plastic rear window and put in real glass with a defroster. I wouldn't touch a 2002 or earlier for that reason--I waited for the '03s just for that.

Also includes a set of 16" real Porsche wheels, with Pirelli performance snows with maybe 10k miles on them, and two barely used $600 black custom real sheepskin seat covers. (One never, one about a week until my commute suddenly changed and I didn't really have as much want to use them. The fit is tight--I think I would take a barber's trimmer to the edges to knock down the pile between the seat and center console.)