Its been a long time since I've done one of these. Not sure I remember how. I really haven't felt like writing for some time now...but I need to get back to it. SO I thought this trip might provide me some material without having to write too much right off the bat.

A few weeks ago I got reaquainted with some folks with whom I went to High School. Its seems that 22 years had not changed that fact that we have alot in common...just like the good ole days. One of my old buddies in particular is a professional guide out of Mategorda just south of Freeport, so we quickly set up a trip to do some snapper fishing and included a few other old frineds and some new ones as well.

I met Capt. Dwayne Green at his house Saturday Morning at 0430 ( he lives about 5 miles from me). over 20 years since we have spoken and it might as well had been 20 minutes. We picked up right were we left off. Another guy from teh old neighborhood had come in from Austin and was staying with Dwayne. Deats is an Austin Motor cop and US Marine, we loaded up and headed south making quick work of getting updated on teh past 20 years. We stopped in Alvin to get Dwayne's deckhand and cousin Craig then pushed on to Matagorda.

Once there we loaded up Dwayne's boat...a fully restored 1998 Chris Craft 33 Center Console with 2007 Evinrude E-tec 200HO's (Sound familiar?) fueled up, got food and headed for the ramp where we met the rest of the crew. Dwayne's Day Job partner Gary was there along with two girls from Dwaynes Tourney team, Brenda and Jennifer were ready to go. We all got introduced, loaded up and left the dock at 0800.

The ride out was spectacular...we could not have asked for better weather. It was a bit cold at speed, but the wind was calm and seas like glass. We were not going far due to the state water restriction and were on fish by 0900. Capt Green worked a few spots early picking up some Spanish Markerel, Mangroves and Red Snapper. I caught the first fish of the day, but then the girls took over. With Gary keeping their hooks baited and drinks Fresh, Deats and I didn't stand a Chance against the fore-deck juggernaught as I started calling them.

Still APD (Austin Police Dept) and I were catching our share when we moved to a third spot and started getting some serious hook ups. About everyother one was a break off, but we allstarted bring NICE Red sanpper to the boat. Craig joined us in teh Aft section and we came on strong toward the last, with Deats picking up the largest fish of the largest fish of the day. We threw in some Magroves for flavoring, but had a limit of snaps by 1215 and were headed to the beach by 1230.

Once back it took alonst as long to clean the fish as it did catch them, but we got-r-done finally, split the fillets, and loaded up for home. While DG and I were cleaning fish, Deats and Craig washed the boat and GAry entertained the ladies....Sucks to be Gary

All IN all a Great day and has me reinvigorated for the offshore game after a lack-luster few years and all the other....stuff, that's been going on. Thanks to Capt. Green and the crew for a great day. iAlso, it was nice to just fish and not have to worry about anything else...I even relaxed on teh way in, I think I have a smile on my face the entire time. f you're ever down and want a trip we can make it happen.

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