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Thread: Snook Fishing in Pass A Grille

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    Snook Fishing in Pass A Grille

    Hello !

    I have been doing a lot of Snook fishing from my dock in Pass A Grille because the Donzi is in the shop getting overhauled. There are a massive amount of fish around my dock but mostly large Snook in the 28" - 36" range. I switched over to Power Pro braided line about three months ago and I was landing around 60% of the Snook but as we all know they love to nail your bait very hard and run directly for the pilings. This is where the battles get difficult. The Power Pro was good but not good enough for my taste. I was looking for something better. I found it last week. It's a new product that is brand new to the market. It's 40lb test, 8 strand, with the same diameter as 12lb mono line made by Daiwa. It's called Samurai Line and it is probably the best product I've seen come out in the last 15 years. This stuff is just about impossible to break. The Snook can wrap it around the piles all night long and all the line does is saw into my pilings but does not break! be careful because it will slice into your hand as well (trust me, ouch). I had a very good week using this Samurai line and we are having a fishing fry at my place on Sunday due to it. It is rather $$$$$ at .25 cents a yard but well worth the cost. Get some of this line and toss a ballyhoo on a #3 hook and hold on for dear life ! ! ! !


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    I have used it also. Great stuff.
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    I Love Snook, Fried, Baked, Grilled Mmmmmmnn. but be carefull what time of year your keeping them, someone will come and take all your gear and maybe your dock if it's out of season. they(the people in uniform) can be real Pricks if they want to be. we used to snook fish all year round "for sport" and they give us a hard time for no good reason.
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    Great Write-up Tony, this is the kind of good info we like on the Fishing Files...along with good fish stories.

    Plus anything endorsed by Mr. X is well worth checking out, thanks T.
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