i have been searching and i have found some videos of other pike, same scene.
im shocked how common this is!

but these were just of this side of a fishing boat.
and this pike was bigger than any ive ever seen.

in my search i will say, i did find a very funny video... a guy was releasing a fish right at shore and a pike slammed the fish while it was in his hands.. got him good too! yelled like a little girl.
the reason why i was so amused by this is because he was releasing it, and he was sitting there holding it, going back and forth with it... (if your gonna eat it, eat it! if your gonna realease it, RELEASE IT!) dont sit there and play with it. i hate that. it's like a child giving a toy away. he has to do it, but does not want to.
utube, search "pike" its in there. funny chit man!