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Thanks Wayne,
These were the Bull Reds which are said to run in August and Sept.
The females come just off shore from the marsh same time of year and lay eggs , Bulls do their thing and the tide sweeps them into the marsh where they begin life.
The bulls are not legal I believe 3 miles off shore to have in the boat. Only one per person per day is allowed over 28".
How have you been? South Fla cooling off yet? Got to fly into Ft Lauderdale 10/1 late and work toward Tampa on 10/4 B4 coming home. Rub rail came in today for my broken boat so now I need to find time to do some work on it. Needs bottom paint, deck off to repair pulled out screws, replace the gimble ring...wow, makes me cringe just thinking about it!
Well, it isn't exactly cooling off yet, but the humidity is dropping a little bit, so it's not AS bad,....

I've been busier that a 1 legged man in an as kickin competition, but that's good I guess, better busy and paid than slow and unemployed,.....or so they say

I didn't realize that your boat was broken,...the 16? Well, you may cringe, but, seeing the pictures of you sanding your deck / etc. I think your a little like George,....you really do enjoy doing it I think we all do (I do), but unfortunately,...time time time,...aint on my side.

You're going to be in Lauderdale on 10/1,....hmm, give me a call, maybe I'll be south that week, and we can get together for lunch, I'd really like to take you to Islamorada Fish Company,...the Grouper sandwich is to die for,...and maybe we can drag Poodle away from the office.

Anyway, gotta run,....drag the kids out of the tub,...storytime, teeth brushing, etc. then finally bed, and peace and quiet (until my boy wakes up at 4am hungry )

Take care!