Howdy all

As has been the case all year, I have been noticably absent from the Fishing Files. Lots has happened this year for Team Jefe, and me specifically. But, hopefully things will be turning brighter from here on.....not as though I have a whole lot to compalin about in any case.

Yes I know, this is all confusing, but will be made clear shortly.

In the mean time here are some pictures of the Grand Isle trip. The full report will be out soon. To put names with faces for the report. you have:

Me - sporting a fine Goatee these days
Miss Renee - The newest member of Team Jefe
Dan Franz - The "Short Fat Coonass", his words not mine.
Jack McIntyre - I'm not so sure about that hat.

For those of you who don't want to read the full report, here is the Reader's Digest version:

We had a Great trip, awesome weather, wonderful freinds and a seriously Gung-Ho captain who put us on some nice fish.