I found this thread on Fla Sportsman and was overwhelmed with the idea. I signed on for my local (West Central Fla group), and thought I would post it here to see if anyone would also want to do something good for those who have given so much to keep us safe. A day on the water fishing is a small price to pay IMHO, and the very least we can do.

Here is a quote form the guy who started the thread. I will put two links also, one for the main page where the main thread is located, and the second is to a page that will allow you to find a more regionally specific link (like mine in the West Central fla area)

I've been working with a local East Texas Guide Association and the Dallas VA Hospital to furnish free fishing trips for wounded veterans of the Iraq/ Afganistan War.
The Dallas group has been very receptive and I am to talk with the Director of Social Services at the VA Hospital in Tampa tomorrow.
I will be tarpon fishing the Cape Coral area 20May to 20 June and plan to take several vets in rehab on trips.

I there is a need for more trips than I can handle, would some of you fellers consider volunteering a day on the water with one(two) of these young men?

Some type of overnight lodging might be required in a few cases, and there is the very REAL POSSIBILITY that a few of the guys will have to be lifted into the boat.

I will work with the physical therapy department and nurses' services to insure that these guys can physically endure a trip and that there is no liability on the part of the volunteer.

All of this will be a totally free service and NO money will change hands.

If approved, could I depend on some of you boys coming through?

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