In new hampshire we have this lake in Hancock and Nelson it is called nubanusit.
this lake is one of the world wonders formed by the glaciers it is 80FT deep at it's deepest point. and has lake trout and beutiful black bass."small mouth"
the water is so clear you can see 20 ft down to the bottom. the wake of your boat has this aqua blue tint .I allways wanted to have a small mouth in my fish tank. so i caught this little one about 8". i've had him since july 2004. he is such a beutiful fish the thing is almost like a dog when i walk in the room he recognizes me and start waggling and racing back and forth from one end of the fish tank to the other. when they say a fish has no memory they are full of it. they have an excellent memory especially about certain foods. i feed him gold fish and crickets in the winter grass hoppers in the summer. he much prefers insects over fish. i've learned quite a bit they actually
descale the fish in their throats and spit the scales out. i tried feeding him night crawlers and he spit the dirt out that was in side the worm. the worm caused some aggravation to him so i never fed him those again. he has these hipnotic glowing red eyes that just captivate you. he really gives you a feeling of peace of mind if you ever get to new hampshire nubanusit is a must see just don't tell the local yocals i told you about it.