Hey Ricky - I have quite a bit of experience with the Honda 225 4-stroke outboards. They are great outboards. Quite honestly though, the Yamaha and Suzuki 4-stroke 225s are also very good. In my opinion, the 4-stroke is the way to for thr reasons you mentioned. Your top speed might not be the same as with a late model 2-stroke but pretty close. The 4-stroke will also weigh more. That's not not usually a problem but it could be depending upon the design of the boat. All the 225 4-strokes weigh a bit over 600 lbs, regardless of what their brochures say. A narrow boat and/or a stern bracket will aggrevate any weight issue there might be. If there is a low stern condition, relocating weight within the boat will normally take care of that. A Stainless Marine stern bracket with built in flotation can also correct a stern heavy boat. Then again, with most boats, it's not an issue.
As far as which brand, a lot depends on the local dealer in your area. Expert rigging is essential to any outboard setup and the dealer is the key part of that. Suzuki is good if you are not concerned about resale value or dealer support when you leave town. Yamaha is a good bet if you are not worried about ever adjusting valve clearances - then that would be a problem.
I have run the Hondas on every type of boat there is. Currently have a 22' ProLine walkaround cuddy with the Honda 225 tied to my dock. Runs about 45 to 46 mph. Propping is very impotant on these due to, well, several factors. Gearcase design being one of those.
In my mind, the Hondas have a lot of advantages but the others are also very good and will give you the benefits of clean, quiet and fuel efficient 4-stroke power. Have you ever owned a Honda product or know of someone who has? What was their experience?
Feel free to contact me if you would like to endure a more detailed dissertation. Good luck.