Well the first report of the year. Unfortunately it does not include Jefe’s Revenge. The Big Dog is still down for repairs. Hopefully I will get her back by the Houma Oilmen’s Rodeo Next week. But enough of that, the main point is I got to go fishing with a great crew, and support a worthy cause in the process.

STS is a tool rental service for the SE Texas oil fields. They hold several events each year for customers and families with one on the neatest being the Oil Field Trash Rodeo. This is an invitational tourney that benefits the Make A Wish Foundation. How much cooler can things get than to put a smile on the face of a terminally ill child……and I get to fish, count me in.

Since the Revenge is down, I was asked to fish with my Dad and Capt. Rob Key. Rob works with Dad and runs a few trips on the side during the weekends. This tourney was for skinny water fish (specs, reds, and flounder) and Rob has a great skinny water boat. 24ft JH Performance tunnel-hull Custom made in Freeport Texas. We met up Friday Evening at “the Tent” to get signed up and checked in. Then it was fishing time….for Dad and Rob. I had “other” engagements to attend, so I left it to them until Saturday morning. That evening, they did great (considering the wind conditions) and boated 3 nice specs.

0330 came pretty early for me Saturday. This was my first early morning trip of the season and my old bones just ain’t used to it yet. Well no worries, by the time I got to Bastrop Landing at 0500, I was chompin’ at the bit. Dad showed me the lures they used the night before and we were rigged up and ready when Rob arrived at 0515. By 0530 we were in the water and ready to go (its amazing how much less stuff there is to take when staying close to shore).

We made our way to…….One of Rob’s favorite spots…..and started our drifts. The weather really sucked. Wind from the NE was blowing right down the bays, plus we had just had 3 days of rain and all that fresh water really limited our fishing spots. No worries cause all we could weigh in was 5 fish….we had all day to catch just 2 specs.

The first few drifts were unsuccessful, the Rob picked up a VERY Nice Spec. Of course we were talking boats the whole morning. I asked Rob about the bay fishing and he asking me about the blue water stuff. I was able to use my Shimano Calcutta I won in Last Year’s Texas Oilmen’s Tourney. First time, since I rarely fish the skinny water anymore….I finally remembered how to cast, thank God for the Shimano, it is very forgiving. Still, I was not doing any catching.

After a few more drifts Dad picked up a sweet flounder which went into the cooler and that was it for most of the day. We then tried several more spots. I hooked up a keeper spec, but failed to get it in the boat. I guess I hadn’t shaken off all the rust yet. We finally tried some wade fishing near San Luis pass. No luck, but it was very relaxing.

We made our way back to the marina, trailered the boat and headed for the tent with our catch. Looking at the competition I figured we had no real chance to be in the money, but we weighed 2 specs over 3 lbs (one very close to 4lbs) and 2 over 2 lbs. Dad’s flounder was right at 3lbs. Not bad, but no way we were in the money. So, after a few more teams weighed in I figured it was time for me to take off since I had to get ready for AJ’s Surprise Birthday Party that evening. Well Dad and Rob stayed and won a few door prizes. Then they were totally surprised…..we took 4th place and won enough money to pay for the trip. I was floor when Dad called. But hey, I’ll take it.

All in All a good trip. Rob is an excellent Captain and really nice guy. Dad….well, you know about fathers and sons…just kiddin’ we had a great time. Now I owe Rob a trip offshore.

Up Next, Houma.

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