Budmann and I spent a few hours with Bob Roscioli, the builder of the BIG Donzi's on Tuesday. Man, does he have some cool stuff going on down there. In addition to the 80' Donzi, he has a 58' express cruiser that you really have to see in person to appreicate. The detail in the wood work is awazing.

I would have posted some pics, but some @*$&# employee of the hotel we were staying in decided she liked my digital camera and stole it. #@(&@($#!!!!!

Anyway, pity party over. There are some really cool things happening with the big donzi's, glad he is keeping the quality of the donzi name at the highest level.


PS: MP, sorry we could not hook up, we were slammed the whole time we were there. Might be going back in next few weeks and I will give you a ring.