Brian, the boat I saw on Shore dr in Va Beach is for sale. I stopped and talked to the broker and took a bunch of pics which I will post as soon as the batteries in my camera recharge so I can download them.

1987 ZF-23, with Slide-On trailer
275 198? or maybe 199? Evinrude (I don't know jack about o/b's) hanging on the transom, but not rigged.
LOA 22'11"
beam 8'6"
weight 2700 lb
fuel 100 gal

pale yellow, black bottom, white boot stripe

she looks pretty rough; no obvious major damage, just badly neglected. It does have a VA 2003 registration sticker, so maybe it has recent use... but the owner should be shot. There is a ton of water below deck (told the broker that maybe it would be a good idea to remove the drain plug and jack up the bow a little ) lots o' stress cracks in the cockpit sole, particularly around the edges, also felt a little soft to me. Spider cracking here and there on the hull, couple of bad ones fwd below waterline, look like they were caused by impact. some pretty good rubrail dings here and there.

The boat is at Colley Marine, 757-363-8000, ask for Jack. He just took it under brokerage and doesn't know what the owner wants for it yet, he tried to call owner while I was there, got no answer, left a message.

I'll get pics up just as soon as camera comes back to life. Any ? give me a ring 757-646-9199