Here is a tip that a few local guys have been keeping a secret (guess I am letting the cat out of th bag so to speak).

When fishing flats for reds, trout, snook, we use something colloquilly called a "chum chucker". Get a sturdy rod (mop handle will do, but the bottom half of a sturdy rod is better) about 4 ft long. Take a 1 litre plastic bottle and cut the bottom off of it so you now have a rather long funnel. Attach the spout end to the tip of the rod. Best to use a bunch of tape on the rod tip first to make a flush fit with the spout end.

After netting several hundred white bait, go to where the fish are. after casting your baits, use a dip net to get 5-6 live white baits. WHile still in the net, lightly squeeze the net with the bait in it to stun them. Place the stunned baits in the open end of the bottle. use the chum chucker to fling the stunned baits in the vicinity of where you just cast your hooked bait. This will cause a frenzy around your bait of stunned white bait and make even sluggish fish come to eat.

Thanks for the Tip, Fish