View Full Version : NOS Bulldog Motors - Not Mine

Greg Guimond
08-01-2017, 11:53 PM
I ran across this post and thought it's rare to have new Bulldog motors available. I'm not a car motor guy so I don't know if the price is in line or not. I know how to get in touch with this guy if anyone is interested as we traded info on Team Warlocks

Posting for a buddy of mine who has (2) COMPLETE MERCRUISER HP500 540 BULLDOG MOTORS - ready to drop-in - carb to pan, includes Mercruiser Offshore Racing exhaust, stainless risers, ALL brackets, original packing slips, manuals etc. These were purchased as 'back-up' motors for a 35 Fountain and were never used. $20K per motor pkg. or $38K for everything
I can't post pics - PM me with your e-mail and I can send all the pics you want - BRAND NEW - BRAND NEW - NEVER FIRED!!!! Confirming that these ARE HP500's with the 540 BULLDOG 540 cu in blocks - the designator is HP 500B versus HP 500.