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02-09-2017, 01:33 PM
I've always felt there should be a section that members can post (and rate) online stores that they have used. I vaguely remember this being suggested before. A section like this would be very useful imo. There so many sites out there that I have come across that have something I need, but I have not purchased from them because I am not sure they will deliver. If this is an idea that the harbormaster is interested in, I would be happy to take some of the workload and moderate.

My initial idea for a Vendor Referral section came from Donzi.net. I needed a replacement intercooler back in 2011 and came across Frozenboost.com. Their pricing seemed too low (compared to what I found elsewhere) and site contact was non-existent. They didn't answer their phone or emails. The site reeked scam. Regardless, I took a huge leap of faith because someone on this site had posted that they used Frozenboost and was happy with the product. Since that time I have placed multiple orders over the years, and just placed another one yesterday. I never would have placed that first one without the recommendation from this site.

So here is the first entry for Vendor Referral:

Frozenboost.com and anfittingsdirect.com (same company)

1) Great pricing on intercoolers and hoses; -an fittings; SS T-bolt clamps.
2) Fast shipping. Orders are usually processed and shipped same day, sent USPS, 2~3 day delivery (for me. your time may vary). You will not receive a tracking number, but order always shows up.
3) Product quality is better than price suggests.
4) -an fittings seal well with their S/S hose. Never had a single leak or needed to redo a single connection.

1) Support is spotty at best. This is a true "online" store. If you aren't sure what to order and need a salesmans help, then you are better off going elsewhere.
2) Claims of providing discount if product out of stock are largely false. Good luck in trying to collect.
3) Intercoolers aren't as "pretty" as more expensive units. Welds are functional and do their job, but somewhat crude imo.
4) -an fittings recommended for their hose only. May or may not work with other hose. I have never tried
5) No tracking number on orders. (They will send you an email saying order has been received and another one when shipped).

Overall, I highly recommend giving these guys a try. Product is well worth the price.

02-09-2017, 06:22 PM
Yeller......Although I'm not posting a vender referral here, I like your idea of a "dedicated thread" that helps make aware to it's members
the pros & cons of a particular vender..........if for no other reason than to take away the risk factor in determining whether a company
product advertised on the internet seems too good to be true....by posting your personal interaction with a product (or company) good
or bad helps everyone!