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07-16-2016, 03:33 AM
My 28' Warlock kept overflowing power steering fluid after running hard so I finally broke down and installed this reservoir today. It is a 14 oz reservoir from CP Performance, but other suppliers offer the same one which was dropped shipped from this company - http://www.getrealperformance.com/product/reservior-bottle/
George Carter had sold me the black power steering pump adapter cap a few years ago which I finally used. It called for 1/4"NPT and the reservoir calls for 1/8"NPT which the suppliers don't mention in their ads. I made the #6 AN hose to go between the fittings and I think it all turned out well. I should mention that the angled aluminum mounting bracket is meant for transom mounting so I flipped it upside down to mount on the seat back (opposite angle) and drilled a hole for a SS cotter pin to make sure it does not slip down from the spring loaded ball holding mechanism in the mounting bracket. Just thought I would show the installation in case anyone else needs to do it. Bill

07-17-2016, 08:07 AM
I like it!

Also, the Type II GM pumps are becoming more and more popular due to their smaller size,
and innovative mounting possibilities. But they do require a reservoir.