View Full Version : Dust-Off update!!!

Scott Pearson
04-26-2016, 11:02 AM
Dust-Off Update!!! Ok everyone...we are good to go! We have three places next to each other with dock space and rooms. Please give Capri Village a call at 518-668-4829 http://www.caprivillage.com/ (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.caprivillage.com%2F&h=FAQG6lNlvAQHR7qiTnXEw2QKYlKbSKRkRaF5cNJoscirNJw&enc=AZOMLNC85m_1GgG4_SOg42Ip7jXHPnms6tygloVhoCpxak 7a6bx-vVx-6WF6yiCCyN9bw2fwghyv3TLUGi0zKzq1KzvlNmGPTI3VoBw_Dr MMEnIf0PVkxa0pfkzw_-Glny-53Pao2AndFbxOiUOkDdVRXh7Zst2rT-rhJ1tvJPvp8TyQ-7PZmi2ZC5YEmXqhHlE&s=1) they have 13 rooms and 14 slips they are holding for us until May 18th. A few of us will be stayng at the Flamingo Resort as well http://www.flamingolakegeorge.com/. Not sure how much dock space they will have at this point but they do have rooms. They also said we can keep our boats at Beckleys if we need to since they rent dock space out. They have cottages as well. http://www.beckleysboats.com/ Once again...these are all next to each other and are in walking distance. Make you reservations early!