View Full Version : for sale: Turbo TXP 3-blade 24" RH, all but new

04-09-2016, 08:51 PM
Selling a Turbo TXP I bought brand new last year. Tried for my Cigarette after hull blueprinting but was an inch more pitch than I need.

It was on the boat for 8 hours, literally. Taken brand new out of the box, mounted, run for the day, taken off in the afternoon and put back in the original box. It has a Merc hub kit in it, purchased new with the prop.

Retails new for $546. ($476 + $70 = for the hub kit) http://bblades.com/shop/propellers/brand/turbo/turbo-txp/

$425 + ride takes it, PM me.

(For reference, I'd expect it'll give you similar RPM as a 3-blade Mirage Pus 25, as the TXP slips a little less. I have a Mirage + 25 (also for sale) and saw about the same RPM at top end with both.)

12-18-2016, 08:32 AM
Ttt, for anyone Christmas-shopping for himself. :)