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mc donzi
02-14-2016, 10:22 AM
A friend of mine in Canada is looking at a 16C. It's being advertised as 1970 but the pictures show it as having 2 buckets and a bench seat across the back.

I had a 1968 16C and it was a single left bucket and a rap around bench. It was my understanding that 16Cs of that vintage were all single buckets and the rap around bench.

Reply with comments please.

02-14-2016, 11:06 AM
Maybe its a 18 and they just don't know. :confused:

02-14-2016, 06:40 PM
You have been living in Fla too long, the wrap you are talking about starts with a "w".


02-14-2016, 10:06 PM
Possibly a copy. There were a bunch of companies in Canada that made copies of the 16.

02-14-2016, 11:58 PM
Possibly a copy. There were a bunch of companies in Canada that made copies of the 16.

Or, it could be modified boat... or, a 1995/newer boat.

Which companies made copies (and where)?
...besides Lenny, that is :)

02-15-2016, 03:21 PM
Sorry Woobs, I don't have an answer for that.
My 16 came from the molds of company that use to splash the boat in BC, but I don't remember the name. Starfire, Starflight? I think it was called something like that. Over the years of being on here and other boat sites, I have heard mention of several other Canadian companies that use to splash the 16, but I never took notice of names because they were long out of business.

02-15-2016, 03:28 PM
Interesting........... I

found some Starfire boats manufactured in Utah (Salt lake area) and even a 1969 16.5 model for sale in Oak Bay, Victoria, BC with an inline 6 cyl & Volvo I/O. The hull looks like it could be similar however, the deck isn't even close (see pic). Hey, it's only $100 Canadian! (I wonder if that includes the cool trailer)

Under Starflight I have found both Glastron and Checkmate with "Starflight" models... as wall as an Australian manufacturer but nothing that resembles a Donzi 16.

02-15-2016, 03:49 PM
That boat could be from the same BC company or molds. You can see the hook at the end of the hull, so I'm pretty sure that's a 16 hull. When I made mine, my friends dad had the hull mold, 2 different deck molds and the "tub" mold (for an outboard). The standard deck (which I used and modified to a 2+3) and a 2nd one that looks like the one shown. I distinctly remember the 2nd deck mold added about 4" to the free board, had a much shorter deck and was fully open from dash back to the transom, so you would have had to build a "doghouse" for the motor if you went sterndrive.