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doubleduece donzi
11-10-2015, 01:00 PM
Hello fellas, I know the zx's don't get a lot of love or interest here anymore but I could use some help with a few things. First off I have 99 22zx, i drove it with stock 7.4 for a couple years. this summer I repowered with a custom built N/A 540. I worked with Bob Madera "Marine Kinetics" ,bob supplied me with a top end package to support my goal of 700hp around 5800rpm. Anyway my goal is push this boat as possible and to have the fastest 22zx. I've searched and to my knowledge Frank Civitano is the fastest. I know I've read of him reaching 89mph, I can't find the post but if I recall I he said he reached 92 on a later date. Any help on exactly what the fasted recorded speed in 22zx is would be great. I would also like to talk to frank if possible to get his advice but he's not active on any boat forums that I'm aware of. My engine is still not dialed in whoever I reached 89.4 before blowing a water hose off and shutting it. Spinning a labbed 30p bravo 4 blade around 5700 -5800. I'll be trying a stock 32p bravo next. To my surprise, in my opinion the boat felt solid at that speed and after throttling through the chine walk I thought it settled down nicely. I would love to see low to mid 90's but have some kinks to work out befor I go any further.

11-10-2015, 06:32 PM
Lilgrizz had a blown 22zx. He might chime in. I think he was running north of 80.

11-10-2015, 07:29 PM
congrats, that's seriously hauling a55! :)

doubleduece donzi
11-10-2015, 07:33 PM
Yea I've read about his boat here in some old threads. Btw please excuse the errors in my first post I'm using a cell phone to pat and I was in hurry also in a bit of rush when I started the thread.

doubleduece donzi
11-10-2015, 07:42 PM
congrats, that's seriously hauling a55! :)

Thanks!! It's pretty a fun little boat! Other than test runs, I only got to take it and really enjoy it one weekend this summer, however blowing by the boats that's use to blow by me and laugh has almost been worth going $12,000 OVER BUDGET on the build. Lol

Pat McPherson
11-11-2015, 08:34 AM
I don't have info for you but would love to here about all the details of your build.:)

11-11-2015, 01:12 PM
Frank is a member here and does once in awhile come on. Shoot him a PM and see what happens. He is also on facebook if you go on there. He has a ton of knowledge and would be a good source for you. He sold me my 2005 22 classic great guy.

Good luck.

Lil Grizz
11-12-2015, 08:48 PM
First suggestion would be to go with a dual ram hydraulic steering if you haven't already. The factory steering setup is a accident waiting to happen at the speed you're shooting for.

Second suggestion is to take apart the trim tab rams (if you have the standard ones) and trim about 1/4 inch off the stops so they retract up and out of the water which will give you a little more lift and less drag at speed. I wish I had a picture but the top section (small piece) has a cylinder inside it that keeps the ram from retracting enough.

I ran a Bravo 30 and was hitting 80-83 at under 5k rpm with a supercharged 7.4 MPI. My particular 22zx had the drive mounted slightly higher than the others I've seen. No idea if that played a part in my top end. The boat is a brick and the step hull doesn't do anything but make it dangerous to turn.

700hp, the prop you have, and those RPM's should be in the 90's unless your drive is geared low. I had some time with a 22c with about that same power and a 28" and had no issue getting to 100 except I needed a change of shorts afterwards.