View Full Version : 76 Donzi Logo/Sticker Question (and other stuff)

10-16-2015, 06:26 AM
Hello again all,

Since I just got my Donzi a few weeks ago, I'm sure I'll be full of questions. Here's the first...

The boat is black, and all the Donzi logo stickers I've seen have a black stroke around the outside of the lettering. Was this the way they came from the factory on black hulls? Black outline with chrome lettering? I've checked out Donzi Direct, and this looks to be the only option, either stainless looking, or chrome, with black surround. The same applies to the crest, it's traditionally black on white/red/yellow hulls, but does the same apply to a black hull?

This is the set I'm looking at.


The other question I have is in regards to hull strength. The two eyes on the back of the hull (what you'd use to tow something behind the boat). Are they strong enough to support all the weight of the back of the boat on a lift? Basically all the weight is back there, and I may need to use them as temporary lift points unless it's not advisable.

I remember we always used them as lift points for davits on other boats, but those boats were newer, and the weight more evenly distributed. I'm not sure how beefy these hulls were in transom area.


10-16-2015, 06:37 AM
Tow eyes are tow eyes lift rings are lift rings. The lift rings on a classic if they are in good shape and not modified will hold the boat on a lift for decades i wouldn't try that on tow eyes better off with a strap

A 76 18 would have the white and black Donzi and the gold and blue lion and dolphin and a USA pennant the ones you pictured are for a newer classic but it is your boat do what you like also remember the older classics had bigger decals style than the newer old style like on the 40 th anniversary edition

here's a pic of the rings and the decal on a black 18