View Full Version : Is Taz really back???

05-25-2015, 09:20 PM
Hey everyone,

I've been out of boating for awhile and tied up with life. I hate it when that happens.

Heading to Clear Lake on Wednesday to check out a 22c. AND it has a 2013 blue pill.:biggrin.::biggrin.:

Hopefully, I'll be able to make it to some gatherings.

We are getting rain and perhaps there will be some Texas events this year.

I hope all have been well.

05-25-2015, 09:51 PM
HFS! Wes, great to hear from you again. Good luck with the shopping. Keep us posted. -Mike

Ed Donnelly
05-25-2015, 11:44 PM
WOW Its been 3 or 4 yrs

But its good to see you back
Good luck with the 22......................Ed

05-26-2015, 10:26 AM
Blue hull?

05-26-2015, 10:49 AM
Blue hull?

Hey Scott,

Not sure. The boat has been painted and is white with what looks like zf graphics.
The owners name is Tucker. Do you know the boat?


05-26-2015, 01:36 PM
Thinking only the deck stripe painted. Reach out to Blake Sullivan. I really wanted to buy the boat from him last year...

05-26-2015, 02:18 PM
Welcome back TAZ. !

Time for us to sit down somewhere again and kill a bottle of gin :)

05-26-2015, 02:26 PM
WOW Its been 3 or 4 yrs

But its good to see you back
Good luck with the 22......................Ed

Thanks Ed.
I have missed boating and now have time to get back into it.

Welcome back TAZ. !

Time for us to sit down somewhere again and kill a bottle of gin :)

Wow does this bring back memories. We have got to schedule a Texas Roundup and get people together.
I will have a salt ready boat one way or another so the coast is not out of the question for me. :party:
BTW, have you seen my "brother" Mike around? Tell him I've been playing with cars and he might want to visit again to go for a drive. :yes::eek:

Thanks for the tip JayZ.

06-08-2015, 01:56 AM
hope you're doing well young man!!
i do have a bottle of Scotch with your name on it for our next get together
i will see Lenny in a couple weeks to bring home a nice little X-18
Post some pic of your new ride if u get it
miss ya
Mike M

06-16-2015, 08:50 PM
Really good to hear you are looking to get wet again, your lakes should be brimming far cry from awhile back!


06-23-2015, 02:35 PM
That boat is immaculate.

06-25-2015, 01:18 PM
If you have Lenny's X-18, is he back to borrowing boats? LOL And he is welcome to take mine for a spin anytime. Well, when I have one. Are you up for a road trip? Grab Lenny and head down, we have lakes again. :yes::yes:

Hey Phil, Great to hear from you. I'll give you a call and we can catch up.

Scott, We were heading to the coast for a test ride and took a right turn into the ER. Dad has been having medical problems all year and has kept me busy.

I'm really leery about a Blackhawk hull and the rocker. I would prefer to have a classic 22 or 18. An 18 would be easier all around and would fit in my garage.

01-21-2017, 08:24 PM
did you ever get another Donzi?
Send me pics

I'm pouring a single malt waiting for your pics:pimp:

04-12-2017, 07:49 AM
Sorry Brother, just saw this post. I have been battling cancer for the last year and it's been a bitch!!!

BUT, I am getting better. I was discharged yesterday after my fourth and last (hopefully) surgery. Give me a few months and I'll be good as new.

Yep, I did get a 22. I'll send some pics.

You can keep the scotch, I'm hardcore Ensure Protein Plus these days. LOL


04-12-2017, 08:25 AM
Wes, wishing you a full and speedy recovery. -Mike

04-12-2017, 12:32 PM
Wondering why we hadn't seen you here much.
That is not good news. Take care and get well soon Wes.

04-13-2017, 10:01 AM
Thanks guys.

I'm doing well, just taking easy and recovering from surgery. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it just takes forever to get there. Oh well, I have plenty of time to research upgrades. :yes: