View Full Version : Volvo 280 PT drive and transom assembly $1000

Boatally Insane
03-29-2015, 08:24 PM
Complete AQ 280 PT drive / transom assembly.

It came on a boat I bought. Used it twice. Seemed to work fine though the steering was a bit sloppy.

Includes bell housing, drive plate, trim pump, steering cylinder, and prop.

The upper gear housing tag says "290 DP 1.89:1" though I think it has been replaced as the paint doesn't match the rest of the drive.. I rotated the prop and found it is actually 1.61:1 gear ratio.

The prop is a Hill marine 19 pitch that got in a fight with a rock.

The bell housing has been repaired at some point but worked fine.

Can be picked up in Lago Vista, TX
Or I can put it all in a Pallet box to be picked up from my work at 78660 zip.

$750 / offer