View Full Version : Steering Adapter Brazilian Manifold

03-13-2015, 12:34 PM
I need some help, I have a donzi with a Brazilian Manifold adapter that is used in conjunction with my WPM external steering. It started to leak so last season I purchased a new Adapter but it still leaked into the bilge. I purchased a new Bravo power steering Actuator and after installing the adapter I still had a small leak. I would have to add power steering fluid after every couple times out, what a pain.

My question is the adapter came with 4 seals, I can only figure out where 3 of them go, has anyone installed one of these adapters before?

Large seal is fairly easy to figure out. 1.5" seal
Smaller seal goes on the back side of the starboard connecting fitting, between adapter and actuator. 1/2" seal
(2) slightly larger seals, one goes on the inside of the adapter where the steering arm passes through (did they simply give me two of them). 3/4"

It looks pretty straight forward but I really couldn't find exactly where the leak was coming from, it dripped from the bottom of the Adapter and Actuator.

Any help would be appreciated. I attached a few photo's.

Jim 8167781678