View Full Version : Put-in-Bay Run Monday 8-25

Carl C
08-22-2014, 04:21 PM
Temps are supposed to be in upper 80s and stable which usually means good water to run on. We are putting in at Selfridge on Lake St. Clair and running to PIB for a lunch run. Gotta get an early start and hope there is no fog which there won't be if the nights stay warm. That'll give us a couple hours on the island. We'll run as fast as conditions allow which means cruising between 60-70 mph. Usually we take a break at Detroit and drift by the waterfront and another break at the Detroit River Light before crossing Lake Erie. It's about 80-85 miles each way and well within cruising range of a 22C. If not you can top off the tank at Detroit. If anyone can get the day off and is up for a good off-shore run, let me know.